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We help you build your custom software solutions to support your business growth. We develop complex digital solutions, such as self-service environments, IT systems, mobile applications, and more. We’ll be your partner in all the steps from analysis to development and maintenance.

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Preliminary work: We begin with analysis and collecting insights

Before starting the development process, it’s crucial to clearly define the software requirements and objectives. This involves understanding user needs, determining functionalities and features, as well as mapping out system constraints and integration requirements.

If necessary, we conduct detailed technical analysis to assess the capabilities and limitations of existing systems. We familiarize ourselves with the existing infrastructure, systems, and technologies in use. Additionally, we create a project timeline and allocate resources.”

What do we do during the preliminary work?

  • We determine the most suitable technology for your business digital solution
  • We map out the business processes that are related to the created software and need to be integrated
  • The project schedule is completed, and the resource requirements are determined

Design: We create the UX/UI solution for IT software based on user needs

We design the user interface to align with the software’s purpose and target audience. Our designs prioritize intuitive and simplicity. Drawing from our extensive experience, we understand that users of complex software need to quickly find essential functions, and navigation should be clear to them. This entails ensuring that all parts of the software adhere to a consistent design pattern and style.

Before finalizing the design, we conduct user testing to validate the solution. This approach allows us to make informed decisions and ensure that the user experience truly aligns with user habits.

What is completed during the design process?

  • We create a software prototype and design a user-friendly experience (UX design)
  • We design a modern user interface that is easy to use (UI design)
  • We ensure that the design complies with the necessary WCAG requirements

Development: We use appropriate technology and create high-quality code

Our strength lies in crafting top-quality code for ensuring the longeavity of your IT solution. Building on the groundwork laid during the initial phases, we employ technology tailored specifically to your business objectives. Our software development ensures efficiency and scalability. This means we ensure the system’s flexibility and readiness to meet future needs. Leveraging our extensive experience in developing mission-critical digital solutions, we recognize that enduring software demands high-quality code.

To ensure the utmost security, we adhere to OWASP standards. Following the completion of the software, we create documentation that explains the system’s architecture, features, and usage principles. This ensures the sustainability of the solution we create.

What happens during the development stage?

  • We develop scalable and flexible software based on the groundwork of preliminary work
  • We test the solution with users to ensure the best functionality of the upcoming digital solution
  • We ensure the security of your mission-critical software




Node.js is a versatile and powerful modern technology that we have used to create various server-side applications using JavaScript. It is particularly suitable for software development projects that require scalability. Node.js utilizes the Google V8 JavaScript engine.



We have implemented several extensive projects based on the use of PHP technology. PHP is a widely adopted, fast, and feature-rich open-source server-side programming language. We use PHP for developing various dynamic web applications or intranet applications.

Accessibility (WCAG)
We ensure that digital solutions are in line with the client’s requirements and comply with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards. This means that the final solution is accessible to users with diverse needs.
Security (OWASP)
We adhere to the principles of the OWASP security standards to ensure the security of the software. By following OWASP guidelines, we are always aware of the major security vulnerabilities associated with web applications usage.
Web hosting
We work with both cloud-based (cloud hosting) and dedicated server-based (dedicated hosting) solutions. We can be your partner in providing exactly the web hosting solution that your business requires.

Maintenance & Support: As a long-term partner we ensure the software’s continuity

Maintenance and support help ensure the long-term functioning and user-friendliness of the developed software. We carry out necessary software updates, manage databases, and provide user training. We are a partner to your company as a long-term software caretaker, ensuring the smooth operation, security, and sustainability of the digital solutions.

What does maintenance & support mean?

  • Long-term maintenance and updates
  • Continuous user support
  • Support during software deployment and trainings

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