About us

We are an experienced development company that brings together a vast amount of expertise accumulated over the years. Our strength lies in complex and extensive projects that require utmost attention to detail, technical capability, and a long-term development partner.

  • 14+ years of experience

    We began our journey over 14 years ago by creating simple web solutions. We then went through several stages of development, growing in terms of project complexity, style, and team size. Today, we are a partner to our clients in creating even the most complex software, CRMs, or self-service environments. Our strong core team has worked together for a long time, which has helped us effectively integrate new people into our growth path.

    We always design our work environment in a way that Opus team members enjoy coming to work and developing the best solutions. We are genuinely delighted when we receive feedback from clients that we have created significant value for them. This has taught us to understand our clients better, and today, we offer services personally, ensuring that even the most exciting niche questions can be answered.

  • We know how to have fun too

    Consistent commitment to our people

    We value the opportunity for personal and professional development for our employees. For example, we allow for movement between different roles or their combination. We provide a lot of freedom to make decisions about projects, work, and methodologies – we just keep in place the framework of what we want to achieve as a company.

    We also support employees’ initiatives in terms of training, events, new technical solutions, and socially active activities. We offer a strong team where rapid growth is possible.”

  • Our team works on projects from all over the world

    International reach

    We work closely with a network of international partners. This allows us to operate as a powerhouse of innovation, collaboration, and transformative solutions. It also gives us an ability to undertake large projects that extend beyond borders as well as to understand global market trends, consumer behaviors, and emerging technologies.

    We can cater to specific regional requirements and languages as well as ensure that the software resonates deeply with local users. No software challenge is too complex for us!

Get to know our team

We have extensive leadership and expertise. We have helped execute large-scale software development projects for both startups and global corporations.

  • Tanel Särgava
    Tanel Särgava
    E-commerce Sector Manager
  • Aleksei Latõnin
    Aleksei Latõnin
    Tailored Web Sector Manager
  • Raul Viskar
    Raul Viskar
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Minna Heinsoo
    Minna Heinsoo
    Office Manager

Contribution to Charity

In addition to our core activities, it is important for us to give back to the world and spread kindness. We do this through various charitable initiatives. Every year, we donate a portion of our income.

We have been supporting the largest youth charity organization in Estonia. We contribute by developing their website, which helps them successfully raise donations.

Furthermore, we are also a sponsor of the owl exhibit at Tallinn Zoo.

Let’a make the world together a better place.


“Organization Valuing Mental Health Label 2023”

Our organization is one of 126 that received the mark of an organization valuing mental health, issued by Peaasi.ee for the first time this year. This recognition shows that the receiving organization values the mental well-being of its employees and takes conscious steps to ensure that people’s health is maintained. Read more on peaasi.ee

Peasjad MTÜ (peaasi.ee)

“National defense supporter June 2023”

We have always found that great things can be done together. The award “Supporter of the National Defenders” is intended for the most outstanding companies and organizations and is awarded once a year by the Minister of Defense. Read more https://kaitsesministeerium.ee/

Ministry of Defense

“Estonian Gazelle Company of 2019”

Äripäev recognizes companies that have increased their turnover by over 50% in the last three years and exhibit characteristics of a rapidly growing enterprise. These attributes include flexibility, speed, and the ability to make bold decisions. This award is given to less than 1% of Estonian companies.


“Best digital banking solution in Estonia in 2015-2017”

We are grateful for the trust we received in helping SEB Bank win this international award. We designed and programmed their website user interface, conducted thorough user testing, and optimized workflows.

Global finance

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We have your back when it comes to web development, giving you the freedom to focus on building and growing your company.

Margus Eha

CEO, Business Development