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A customer-centric online store is an integral part of a modern retail business. We can help create your sales-oriented e-commerce store, which is user-friendly, scalable, and secure. We develop e-commerce solutions for Magento 2 and BigCommerce platforms, as well as custom solutions.

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Preliminary work: We start with analysis and mapping of the current situation

Every creation of an online store begins with goal mapping and preparation in collaboration with the client. Based on our extensive experience and examples of multiple established online stores, we understand that a key prerequisite for achieving success is to accurately map out the business needs. Following this, we proceed to describe a solution that will help achieve those goals.

In order for the resulting online store to function efficiently within the company, we also identify the necessary integrations with existing processes. During the preparation phase, an overview is obtained of the business processes that need to be seamlessly integrated with the newly established online store. Commonly used tools in the company’s day-to-day operations may include accounting and inventory management software, as well as CRM systems.

What do we do during preliminary work?

  • We determine the most suitable platform for your e-commerce business
  • We map out other business processes that need to be integrated with the digitized sales process
  • We put together the project timeline and resource requirements

Design: We create an attractive and user-friendly customer journey (UX/UI)

Based on the preliminary work, we create design solutions for your e-commerce store, ensuring that the customer journey is simple, inspiring, and convenient. Our experienced UX designers create a customer journey for the e-commerce store that takes into account the specific characteristics of your business and supports sales growth.

We consider that a significant portion of users make purchases from their mobile phones. Therefore, we design the e-commerce store to be user-friendly on mobile devices as well. We also have extensive experience in creating even the most complex e-commerce businesses, whether involving multiple target markets or integrating innovative technologies such as virtual reality or AI solutions. Unique custom solutions are precisely our strength.

What is completed during the design process?

  • We create an e-commerce store prototype and design a user-friendly customer experience (UX design)
  • We design a modern e-commerce user interface that supports sales growth (UI design)
  • We ensure that the design complies with the necessary WCAG requirements

Development: We build an e-commerce platform that supports sales and growth

Quality development is a critically important step when you want to digitize your business or expand your existing e-commerce store. We use the world’s leading platforms, Magento 2 and BigCommerce, to create e-commerce stores. These platforms are the most modern and widely used solutions today, allowing for easy scalability of e-commerce stores. Additionally, they offer powerful features that simplify e-commerce management and automate processes.

Our experienced team excels at writing high-quality code even for the most complex e-commerce stores. To ensure user-friendliness, we also test the solution with clients. Before launching the e-commerce store, we make sure to address any issues that arise during testing.

What happens during the development stage?

  • We build the chosen platform based on the preliminary work conducted.
  • We test the solution with users to validate the suitability of the developed e-commerce store
  • We ensure the security of the developed e-commerce store

We ensure the security of the developed e-commerce store

Magento 2


The Magento 2 platform is one of the world’s leading technologies for creating e-commerce websites. One of its advantages is its ability to support the scalability of e-business. In addition, e-commerce stores built on Magento 2 are attractive and user-friendly. This means that your new online store can easily expand along with the growth of customers and sales. For creating e-commerce stores on the Magento 2 platform, we use React technology.



BigCommerce is also one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms on which we build modern online stores. BigCommerce provides a user-friendly interface and supports multi-channel business operations. Additionally, BigCommerce offers versatile tools and features that enable scalability. One of the strengths of BigCommerce is its reliable and secure hosting infrastructure.

Accessibility (WCAG)
We ensure that digital solutions are aligned with the client’s preferences and in accordance with WCAG requirements. This means that the resulting solution is accessible to users with various needs.
Security (OWASP)
We adhere to the principles of the OWASP security standard to ensure the security of software. Thanks to following OWASP guidelines, we are always aware of the major security risks associated with web applications usage.
Web hosting
We work with both cloud-based (cloud hosting) and dedicated server-based (dedicated hosting) solutions. We are your partner in providing exactly the web hosting solution that is necessary for your business.

Maintenance & Support: As a long-term partner we ensure the e-shop’s continuity

Post-launch support and maintenance ensure the long-term functionality and user-friendliness of your e-commerce platform. We implement necessary updates for the e-commerce platform and software, manage databases, and provide user training. We serve as your long-term software management partner, ensuring the smooth operation, security, and sustainability of your e-commerce store.

What does maintenance and support mean?

  • Long-term maintenance and updates
  • Continuous user support
  • Support during software implementation and trainings

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