Come work with us, Senior Node developer

Opus is a cozy, tight-knit company, so you won’t find much bureaucracy here. We just want to give you a nice atmosphere to work in, a salary that your skills truly deserve, and sometimes drag you out to eat, drink and play with the rest of the team.

Who we are looking for?

You’ve come, you’ve seen, and you know what’s up. Now you’d like to step up and take charge, truly leave your mark, and show how Node should really be done. Great – we’d love to give you that opportunity as Opus’ new Senior Node Developer! ????

Our end of the deal

  • Flexibility and the freedom to do things your way
  • Participation in exciting local and international projects
  • Super nice atmosphere to bring out the best in you
  • Paycheck to meet your skills
  • Various compensations to make your life even sweeter!

Your end of the deal

  • Killer Node.js with a track record of successful projects
  • Want to React at times, preferably with Redux/Relay
  • Know your way around either Redis, MySQL, MongoDB or GraphQL
  • You speak English and Estonian
  • It’s a full-time job in Tallinn or Tartu

Did you recognize yourself?

Send us your CV and personal statement!

Marge Peekman

Marge Peekman

HR Specialist

    Working at Opus

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    • Our ergonomic work stations allow you to work standing or sitting

      Peek into our office

      Our office on the 3rd floor of the cozy and modern Kawe Business House, designed to cater to your needs, whether you’re adventurous or value tranquility and focus. Our office features both entertainment-filled communal areas and workspaces that support concentration, as well as meeting rooms. When your mind needs a break, you can play billiards or table football, do some chin-ups, or relax in a massage chair. If you wish, you can even organize a movie night with a giant screen. Of course, the kitchen always offers delicious coffee!

      In the workspaces, we provide you with all the necessary tools for successfully carrying out projects. If you prefer, you can even work standing at a standing desk!

    • Full kitchen with healthy snacks

      Our people

      Our dynamic team creates an excellent environment for collaborative work, allowing everyone to confidently put their ideas to the test. We believe that the best ideas arise from diversity and open communication. We have an inclusive and supportive company culture where each individual can feel important and valued. You can be sure that you have the opportunity to fully unleash your potential.

      We are not afraid to take on challenges or set ambitious goals together. We are committed to achieving excellence collectively and are confident that this is how we can create software solutions that make the world a better place.

    • You won’t get bored with us!

      As is typical for an IT company, we also organize team events. Traditional celebrations like Christmas and summer are, of course, included. However, our daily program also features other exciting activities. Whether it’s an office paper plane engineering competition, a pool tournament, a challenge to engineers with building robots, or even a go-kart race imitating Rally Estonia – our shared activities offer something for everyone!

      For the development of your professional skills, you can participate in various training sessions to acquire new skills and gather fresh inspiration.

      Join us