Software Engineering

Customised web development and web-based software development – ideal to mold your business into awesome easy-to-use solutions.

Whether creating a revenue driving online store, personalised web portal or an easy-to-use self-service site, the team at Opus delivers exquisite tailor-made web and software development for your business.

Web Portals

Require an efficient way to interact with your users?

Web portal is a profoundly personalised way for your employees, customers and users to engage with your business. You can determine what information is available on display, ensuring that relevant information is presented to a specific audience at all times.

Opus creates web portals that are easy to use, and always automatically enhanced with the most recent updates. Thus creating a personalised and secure experience with your business.

Check out examples of our work in Portfolio: IBM, OMD Worldwide, Rovio, Pet City, Tallinn University

Opus successfully delivers browser-based solutions including:

  • Social Media

    Need to reach out to your community of existing customers as well as potential new users? Enhancing your social media presence is a powerful way to gain new business

  • Business Integration

    You know your business better than anyone – from managing sales & inventory to streamlining workflows. Business integration not only reduces inefficiency but increases your competitiveness. Opus creates pioneering integrations personalised for your business.

  • Mobile Control

    With more and more customers using smartphones, is it not about time your company joined them? Opus provides a multitude of solutions for managing the business from mobile devices. Furthermore, the sleek UI and remarkable UX the team delivers enable meritorious user engagement.

Self-service Portals

Need to increase your customer satisfaction and reduce costs?

Customers increasingly prefer to complete transactions themselves via the Internet – whenever and wherever they want – rather than having to make a call or travel in person to a business location.

Opus’ easy to use self-service portals empower your customers, users and employees to perform high-value transactions, from simple account updates, paying bills, managing support tickets and more. Its possibilities are endless.

All our self-service portals contain easy-to-use dashboards and control panel options to manage your business more effectively.

Check out examples of our work in Portfolio: IBM, OMD Worldwide, Rovio, Pet City, Tallinn University

Online Commerce

Need your online business to generate the revenue you want?

Increasingly shoppers are purchasing more online – with the ‘adding to cart’ functionality being the most popular. Businesses today understand the need to have an eCommerce presence in addition to the bricks and mortar shop.

Opus creates engaging online stores that enable you sell your products and services online. Using intuitive design and easy to navigate functionality not only increases customer purchases within your e-shop, but expands your revenue and customer base.

Opus’ tailor-made solutions plug into your existing business effortlessly and get you doing what you need most – reaching more customers.

Check out examples of our work in Portfolio: IBM, OMD Worldwide, Rovio, Pet City, Tallinn University

Key Technologies

  • Yii PHP Framework

    Yii is a high-performance PHP development framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

  • Node.js

    Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment built on the V8 JavaScript engine developed by Google.

  • Symfony

    Symfony is a PHP development framework for MVC applications bundled with tools to match enterprise development guidelines.

The team also specialises in: Laravel, Elastic, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, AngularJS, BackboneJS & many more

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