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Why Node.js

Node.js application uses the V8 JavaScript engine developed by Google.

This V8 engine is extremely fast. If your web application does a lot of reading and writing to the internet or the filesystem, Node.js is the fastest technology to build your application.

Node.js works on a event loop principle unlike other traditional web application frameworks and this is what makes it extremely scalable for real time applications. For example, real time applications including games, chat engines and mobile applications work best when using Node.js application development.

Opus’ highly skilled Node.js application developers love using this platform because it is very fast to develop and deploy therefore saving both time and cost to your business.

Why Opus for Node.js Development

The team’s Node.js application developers specialise in the following Node.js applications:

  • Expertise in Node.js server side Javascript

  • Experience in cloud infrastructure

  • Expertise in Data-Intensive Real-Time (DIRTy) Applications

  • Ability to scale your business functionality and performance

  • Top global businesses are using Node.js

Opus uses Node.js to create first class web portals, mobile applications and self-service portals that empower users to make high performance transactions from simple account updates, paying bills, managing support tickets and more. Furthermore Opus uses stylish design to further engage users with your site or mobile app. The portals are highly personalised so that you determine what information is presented to your users.

Its possibilities are nearly limitless.

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Clients who trust our expertise

  • Opus designed and developed AdsCRM system including the user interface and custom back-end development.

  • The team used Node.js to create the custom back-end for Apotheka’s online store, enabling superb real time functionality.

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